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City of Maple Grove Rules Governing Use of Fish Lake

All city ordinances and Minnesota state statutes regarding boating safety and operations shall remain in effect. Additional Maple Grove city codes can be accessed at:

Speed Limit:
Daytime Hours (9:00 a.m. to sunset):  40 mph
Sunset to 9:00 a.m.: Slow-No Wake
Slow-No Wake: <5 mph;

  • All channels and demarked areas

  • Anytime a watercraft is within 100 feet (150 feet for PWC) of:

    • Shore

    • A person in the water, including swimming areas

    • Anchored or moored watercraft, including persons fishing, if anchored

    • Additional restrictions can be found in Maple Grove City Code

Direction of Travel:
All watercraft shall travel in a counterclockwise direction when speeds exceed the slow-no wake limit of 5 mph. Slow no-wake zone for the whole lake 24 hours a day when lake levels exceed 892 feet (No Wake Flags up also).

Wakeboard/Wakesurfing Boats:

To promote Wake Responsibility the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) makes the 3 following recommendations:

1. Stay at least 200 feet from the shoreline, docks, or others structures.

2. Keep music at responsible levels (< 82 dBA)

3. Minimize repetitive passes

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