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The is ready for you! I hope you are proud of this product! I think it will be intuitive. Go to the website on your computer or phone. THANKS to everyone that helped with the fantastic videos!


A few things to remember.


This is a pilot with your 3 lakes only in 2021. I would love any comments, recommendations, suggestions, advice, etc.  This project and information comes from a very trusted messenger…Your Neighbors!


Information is NOT saved per address. All stats are anonymous and summarized lake-wide. I think it is going to be really fun to see how your activities are similar or different for each lake.


Lake Status: The more lakeshore homes that take this pledge the higher your lake is rated. 0-33% defines you are a Beginner lake; 34-89% you are defined as Informed; any lake that gets 90% or more of their neighbors to take the lakepledge will be categorized as Legendary!


Outreach for now is peer-to-peer. I hope you share and discuss with your neighbors. After a few weeks lets discuss other outreach ideas.


Website only for now. The mobile app version will be available soon. But you can take the pledge on your phone or computer. Just go to


Celebrity endorsed. I cannot express how grateful and fun it is for MN Bound to go out of their way and endorse this project!

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