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FLARA is dedicated to protecting and improving the quality of Fish Lake and to enhance the recreational use of the lake. The purpose of FLARA is to:

  • Increase, advance and preserve the vitality and environmental health of Fish Lake in cooperation with the residents of the lake and surrounding community, the City of Maple Grove, the Elm Creek Watershed District, and the Three Rivers Park District.

  • Advance the civic betterment and general welfare of Fish Lake.

  • Create the spirit of goodwill and friendliness between lake homeowners and the local community.


FLARA projects from 2016 -2023 totaled an investment of over $600,000 for Fish Lake. We have built strong working relationships with other organizations such as Three Rivers Park District, City of Maple Grove, Elm Creek Watershed, Hennepin County, MN DNR, and other lake associations. 

2022-23 Accomplishments

  • FLARA provides funding to the Three Rivers Fish Lake Park to extend the hours for inspection of boats to minimize the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) into Fish Lake.

  • In cooperation with funding from the City of Maple Grove arranged for regenerative street sweeping periodically around the lake to prevent an estimated 4.4 pounds of phosphorus from entering Fish Lake which equates to over 2,000 pounds of algae.

  • Partnered with Three Rivers Park District to net and remove geese from the lake.

  • FLARA has facilitated the "Adopt a Drain" program. The City of Maple Grove has expanded the Adopt a Drain program city wide increasing the adaptors from 106 in the Fish Lake watershed to 165 city wide.

  • Walleye stocking of the lake will occur in 2023.

  • In cooperation with the City of Maple Grove stormwater monitoring will be conducted.

  • Facilitated the installation of a CD3 (Clean, Drain, Dry & DIspose) Station at the Fish Lake Regional Park boat launch.

Educational Efforts

FLARA shares educational information that impacts Fish Lake such as.

  • Avoiding the introduction of AIS into Fish Lake

  • Reducing the external loading of phosphorus

  • Managing shoreline erosion

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