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Removing boats and docks from the water? Autumn is one of the best times to look for
aquatic invasive species (AIS) when removing pontoons, swimming rafts, and other equipment
that has been sitting in the lake all summer.
INSPECT: Look on the posts, wheels, and underwater support bars of equipment that’s been in the lake. Juvenile zebra mussels are not visible to the naked eye, but on a smooth surface they feel like sandpaper.
REPORT: If you suspect a new infestation of zebra mussels, faucet snails, or other invasive plants or animals, note the exact location, take a photo, keep the specimen, and call 888-646-6367—or contact your local DNR AIS specialist or fisheries office.
PLAN: You need authorization to transport contaminated watercraft or equipment away from shoreland property for cleaning or storage. If you plan to hire a business or individual to remove your boat or dock, make sure they have a current DNR Permitted Service Provider sticker on their windshield. Permitted service providers are also listed on the DNR website.
DRY: Leaving docks, lifts, and other equipment out of the water over the winter will kill most AIS. Before you move that equipment into another water body it must be out of the water for at least 21 days. Responding quickly to new infestations is critical to help prevent the spread of AIS into other water bodies. Learn more about Minnesota’s AIS laws and the lake service provider program at

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